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In 2015, a group of newcomers to the vegan restaurant world opened Shizen, a fully plant-based sushi bar in San Francisco. It was a hit. People came from all over to enjoy this new approach to sushi -- a peaceful take on the cuisine that did no harm to animals, and that lifted vegetables, fruits, flowers, and mushrooms to a new level behind the sushi bar. 


In 2020, Chef John Le, one of the original sushi chefs at Shizen, brought his own take on the vegan sushi concept to his new home in Las Vegas. In partnership with Shizen co-founder and ocean conservationist Casson Trenor, Chef Le created Chikyū, an elegant evolution of the approach that their team originally pioneered in San Francisco. 


We proud to share our commitment to high-quality plant-based cuisine with our new friends and neighbors here in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Irrashaimase: You are welcome here, whoever you may be.

May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

- John & Casson

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