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As the vegan sushi movement grows, more restaurants that share this vision are opening their doors and offering their take on ethical, plant-based cuisine. Chikyū is the most recent arrival on the scene, but we wouldn't be where we are without the help and support of our larger partnership! 

If you find yourself traveling, please consider paying these other restaurants a visit and experiencing their interpretation of our shared vision.

Shizen -- San Francisco, CA


Opened in 2015, Shizen was our team's first effort in the vegan world and remains our flagship restaurant. Shizen has been honored in dozens of articles, podcasts, interviews, and documentaries. We are proud to have received multiple Michelin awards, as well as numerous "Best of" titles by local publications. Shizen has been an incredible experience for all of the team members and has served as our launch pad, with each of us using the lessons we have learned to create new, more personal expressions of plant-based sushi.

If you find yourself in San Francisco, please stop in! Shizen is located at 370 14th Street, in the north part of the Mission district. 

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Tane -- Honolulu, HI


In 2018, Chef Kin Lui, one of the original partners from Shizen, returned to his hometown of Honolulu with the desire to apply what he had learned during his fifteen years behind sushi bars in San Francisco. Chef Lui's passion for vegan cuisine burns bright, and he has combined his expertise with local Hawaiian flavors to bring his craft to a new level.

If you are fortunate enough to be in Honolulu, we encourage you to stop by Tane for an exquisite meal (and please tell Chef Lui that his friends out in Las Vegas say hello!)

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